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Our Down Stream Oil and Gas Division

Oil and Gas Marketing

We Market finished oil and gas products

Amsek oil and gas Limited can serve you wherever and whenever you need us.


Our Core Competence

Pipe Line Servicing and Remediation work

We Pride in our team of experienced engineers, managers, and sound skilled workers

We  have the experience and capabilities to handle projects of diverse complexity and magnitude


Amsek oil And gas Gas plant

We are a major player in the down stream sub sector with a huge distribution network

We don't just Services we market finished products too

safety and eco friendly company


Self owned Equipment to deliver speedy mobilization and work completion

Ready to move equipments

Our pool of highly qualified and experienced man power and self owned equipment

With a strong financial base  predicted on sound financial management, we can mobilize promptly on any project within 7 days of receipt of LPO/ contract documents.